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Does anybody believe there's a chance of Cleverly's next opponent not being Krasniqi?

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Even a remote chance? I know Fwank must have lobbied hard at the WBO to get some time for unifications, but they've only gone and made Krasniqi mandatory, team Clev must all be gutted, so are we all expecting that to be announced or is there a chance that he'll step it up?
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His hands are a bit tied though to be fair here, if the WBO are ready to enforce Krasniqi as a mandatory defence there's not a lot he can do, no use dropping his title to go looking for big fights because it's his main bit of leverage. If he fights anybody other than Hopkins, Dawson, Cloud, Shumenov, Campillo or Bellew after that though he can fuck right off.
without wanting to accuse anybody of anything, certain promoters seem to have a lot of sway at WBO, and "we have to defend against our mandatory" is a pretty good defence against any criticism, so to get a shit fighter who you tried to make a fight with before, imposed as your mandatory could be seen as a blessing in disguise if you had no intention of fighting someone good, allegedly
True, you would think one would allegedly have a good enough standing with the WBO to get said mandatory put aside, thus they might not even be campaigning to get the WBO to make an exception for a better fight, and yeah, then they can be all 'Well the WBO enforced this mandatory (even though we did nothing to fight it because we want our man to continue fighting fringe Euro-level people whilst pretending to get him big fights)'. Allegedly.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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