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Does the "traditional" route damage our fighters?

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does taking the route of english/commonweatlh/british/euro level take too long and deny some fighters some valuable experience of taking part in contests against different styles of fighters? Because let's face it, as good as the british scene is, there aren't too many different styles to come up against. Groves going to fight in america a couple of times is a good example of someone getting a different angle and experience of different styles. Or does going the traditional route give fighters time to find out who they are as a fighter and what their strengths are before making a step up?

I've never been able to decide. But you hear a lot of pro's saying they prefer the traditional route if they can take it.

Does taking the traditional route really prepare our fighters for the best is what i suppose i'm really asking?
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I guess there are two ways promoters tend to go about building their fighters in this country, each way can be identified by the titles which are contested.

You've got the traditional: Commonwealth => British => European => Alphabelt.

Then you've got the new era: British (Not essential) => Alphabelt International => Alphabelt Intercontinental => Alphabelt Eliminator => Alphabelt Eliminator => Alphabelt Eliminator => Alphabelt Eliminator => Alphabelt Eliminator => Alphabelt Final Eliminator => Vacant Interim Alphabelt => World Alphabelt.

If anything, I would say the traditional route should show a steady increase in class, atleast until contesting for a World Alphabelt. Just look at Cleverly's rise to getting hold of the WBO belt, he gradually built up opposition and won all the traditional belts (albeit, sometimes over the phone) until he finally got his hands on an Alphabelt. I do prefer the traditional route, but really as long as the competition is good then I'm a happy bunny.
I think we can all agree that it's diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks. It really depends on the fighter and the division in which they fight in.
Promotors and the alphbet pricks ruin everything.

I think that the euro route is infected too though. WBO euro title for fucks sake! Almost as bad as the pan-american feltching titles that are knocking about!

But i agree with much of what you say to be honest.
I don't think the BBBoC will sanction a fight for the WBO European title.

pan-american feltching titles

The "traditional" route is more fun for us fans, and probably more motivating for the fighters because they get to fight for prestigious titles rather than utterly meaningless baubles.

Downside of the traditional route is that once your fighting for those belts, there's no way to select who you're going to fight anymore. Going the International/Intercontinental/Interplanetary route lets you pick the right opponents at the right time. With the traditional route you fight whoever happens to be going for the same belt at the same time, so the quality and style of the opponents you'll be facing depends on luck rather than careful matchmaking. No wonder promoters occasionally choose another path for their brightest prospects, especially as going for inter-.. baubles can only strengthen their relationship with the alphabets.

Edit: One more thing. The gap between European and Alphabelt level can be huge, especially at the lower weights. Inter-... alphabelts and alphabelt eliminators can help fill that gap.
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