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The future of British Boxing is looking extremely promising, A plethora of talent at different stages of there development. All with differing styles and with fearlessness that hasn't been seen in many a year.

Over the years British Boxing has produced some of the finest rivalries in the sports history and with the amount of talent coming through the more glamorous divisions we may soon be spoiled by big fight build ups and great fights that actually live up the hype.

This thread is about identifying talent, analyzing there performances and talking about progression. Some will go onto world honors, while some will reign supreme domestically. Add who you think will make there mark over next few years :good.

A example of 'showcasing' a fighter of your choice is shown below..


John Ryder



Record: 11-0 (6 inside Distance)

Trainer: Tony Sims


Tools in Skillset: Left Hand
Lead Right Hook
Uppercuts on Inside
Feinting to set up work
Dipping/Moving Head

Weaknesses: Could be short of power to make style as effective as possible
May be operating a weight to high IMO, Could well be suited better to LMW.

Background: Amatuer at Angel ABC, Lost a very close decision to George Groves. Was with Hennesey Sports has featured on Goodwin promotions but then moved to Matchroom Sports. Has been active overly course of a year and a bit as a pro.

Stocky Southpaw who has a nice compactness about him but also looks relaxed with it. Feints well as well as moving head and dipping to change levels. Like to see him utilize jab a bit more but he's very good at putting shots together and throwing a array of shots. Exciting fighter who has a composure of a fighter who's natural to it all.

Expectations: To progress to English title this year, Could well by end of year be challenging for British title IMO if managed to it right. Currently holds the International Masters middleweight title.

vs Ben Deghani (Debut)

Vs Osman

I stumbled across this lad when talking to a friend of mine about a upcoming fight and his name got mentioned.

Shafiq Asif

Nickname: Chubzy

Weight: Lightweight

Record: 2-0 (1 stoppage)

Trainer: ?

Stance: Orthodox

Tools in SkillSet: Jab
Left Hook to Body/Head
Right Uppercut
Quick Hand & Feet

Weaknesses: Very early in his career but more angles would be nice addition to his work, Jab to be used more.

Background: From Middlesborough, a good amateur at the South Bank ABC gym.

He seems like a ticket seller, he's got a lovely variety of punches from head to body. He's got relatively good speed of hand and foot. His jab is a nice weapon in his artillery and that could be his best asset. Feints to set up his work, seems like a thinker. A very nice start in first fight with one of Britain's better journeymen Graham Fearn.

Expectations: Well he's out again on a Stadium of Light card in near future, I think this years about getting ring time and winning. I think maybe late this year or early next year he will be challenging for his area title or a masters title. He's only 19 so there's absolutely no need to rush him and with a following he may get snapped up by a bigger promotions. He won his last fight via stoppage against Steve Martin (RTD 3).

vs Graham Fearn (Debut)


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Ryder has gone off the boil a bit in his last two fights, haven't seen the bouts, but heard he didn't have everything his own way.

Maybe it's just the step up in competition, Luke Robinson was a good win for him, despite not looking all that.

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I've heard Ryder hasn't been impressive, shocked to say the least. I'd like to see them myself before commenting but doesn't sound great..
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