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Duran from the first fight v Leonard from the second!!!

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Who wins?

I've seen a million excuses from Leonard fans for why he lost the first fight and a million from Duran fans on why he lost the second so as its regarded by most that these we're up their as one of each boxers finest performances, what happens if each of the other guys better performance turns up.
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It would always be close.

I would say that Duran on form always manages to draw Leonard into a fight that favours him more than Sugar. On that basis, I'll take Duran 6 times out of 10.

I always score the first fight 10-5 Duran, and I've posted my scorecard and breakdown before.

I think people get confused more with the second fight. With what happened, it's easy to think Ray was kicking Duran's arse, but Roberto was well in the fight when he walked out of the ring. I could see people scoring it 4-3 going into the 8th.

To sum up, Duran, to me, clearly won the first fight, and was given Ray trouble in the second. Ray never cemented his dominance until the third fight
Probably not as confused as someone who says the first fight wasn't close ;)

Nonetheless, there's a reason Duran walked out, and it wasn't because Ray wasn't taking him seriously, IMO.
:lol: I said it wasn't close on the cards ;) pretty much every round was close and competitive, with Duran edging most of them.

I do think there was only going to be one winner in the second fight, but I had it closer than most going into the 8th

I think the 3rd fight is meaningless but, to me, the second fight showed how the first fight could have gone if Leonard hadn't have got dragged into Durans fight. At 147 Leonard beats Duran 9 times out of 10 after that first loss IMHO.
Yeah 3rd fight is utterly meaningless. I think a Duran on top form is good enough to drag Leonard in. He was even having some success in the second fight
I agree with your scorecard in the two fights actually, which is also one of the reasons I don't believe that Duran was out-of-shape. Maybe not in the shape he was in back in Montreal, but still.
Wow, you agreeing with me on two separate fights is as likely as me picking a winner in a 50/50! Never happens!

I don't think Roberto was in too bad shape either to be honest. I know he did a shit load of partying after Montreal and had to she'd a lot of weight in the fortnight before No Mas, but it wasn't half as bad as people make out. The stomach cramps is bullshit too. He was drinking heavily an hour after the fight IIRC
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