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EBU suspends the Luxembourg Boxing Federation

BoxRec News understands that the European Boxing Union suspended the membership of the Luxembourg Boxing Federation this morning.

It is thought that the suspension will become an expulsion should the LBF sanction the proposed match between David Haye and Dereck Chisora.

It seems like the EBU has given the LBF the chance to think again about their involvement with the fight...or be kicked out of Europe's governing body.

The EBU's Council met in Liege, Belgium last night and their General Assembly is being held today.

One of the main legal justifications for staging the bout as a professional contest was the LBF's affiliation to the EBU, as Frank Warren said when announcing the match on May 8th: "They’re long standing, well established members of the European Boxing Union and all the noteworthy sanctioning organisations."

When on May 9th the BBBoC issued a very forceful statement condemning the move, with the threat that anyone involved in 'facilitating' the promotion would effectively be terminating their membership of the BBBoC (i.e. having no licence), Warren replied in typically robust fashion.

Part of his reply on May 11th read: "Under Rule 4.12 of your own Rules and Regulations, as a licence holder I can participate '(a) in or at a Promotion which is licensed by the BBBofC; or (b) in or at a Promotion organised by a Federation, Commission, Association or Controlling Authority affiliated to, or recognised by the BBBofC'. The Federation Luxembourgoise De Boxe is a Federation affiliated to and recognised by the Board; both are affiliated to the EBU. As that Federation is sanctioning the Haye v. Chisora fight, my participation is not a breach of your Rules."

Should the EBU no longer recognise the Luxembourg Boxing Federation, the legitimacy of any promotion they choose to sanction would be severly compromised.

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Not clear at the moment.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Haye and Mr Chisora are making a trip to the Emerald Isle in the near future though.

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Article Link -
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By Terence Dooley

The European Boxing Union has voted in favour of suspending the Luxembourg Boxing Federation's membership due to the LBF's decision to sanction the July 14 meeting between David Haye and Dereck Chisora at London's Upton Park venue.

BoxingScene understands that the EBU has passed a majority vote to suspend the LBF's membership due to their involvement in the controversial heavyweight contest, the legitimacy of which Frank Warren, who manages Chisora, had justified in a statement on May 11 by pointing to the LBF's good standing with the European Boxing Union.

The EBU, however, have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the BBBoC by virtue of a majority vote in favour of suspending the LBF. With further action pending should the governing body persist in its decision to sanction the contest despite the Board's strong condemnation.

The BBBoC appeared to be reeling along the ropes as recently as yesterday when rescinding their threat to automatically expel any licence holder involved in the contest. Instead opting to bring members to account using their disciplinary process rather than immediately terminating contracts.

'On the 9th May 2012 the British Boxing Board of Control issued a statement about a possible promotion within the United Kingdom involving a contest between Derek Chisora and David Haye,' wrote the BBBoC in a statement released yesterday afternoon.

'The Board understands that the Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Boxe has granted Chisora and Haye boxing licences and has sanctioned the contest. For the reasons stated in the statement of the 9th May 2012 the Board condemns the actions of the Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Boxe and strongly disapproves of the contest, which the Board considers will bring the sport of professional boxing into disrepute.

'Whilst the Board in its statement of 9th May 2012 indicated that any member who participated (as defined therein) in such promotion, would be deemed to have terminated his/her membership of the British Boxing Board of Control, it has now decided that any such member will be called before the Board under regulation 4.9 of the Rules and Regulations of the British Boxing Board of Control which reads as follows: 4.9 A licence holder's licence may be suspended or withdrawn by the Board: if, having called the licence holder before it, it reasonably considers that it is not in the interests or the welfare of boxing that the licence holder should continue to hold his licence.

'Further, the Board has not sanctioned the "undercard" as it is an integral and necessary part of the promotion which the Board considers will bring the sport of professional boxing into disrepute. Accordingly any member of the British Boxing Board of Control who participates in the "undercard" will be called before the Board under Regulation 4.9.'

The EBU's vote and decision, which BoxingScene confirmed was in the pipeline as recently as last week, means that the BBBoC now has strong support on the continent as the debate over Haye's meeting with Chisora continues to rage.

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Haye-Chisora: Five other bodies interested in licensing fight

By Jimmy Smallwood
BBC Sport

One of the organisers of the David Haye-Dereck Chisora bout says "at least" five other bodies have offered to sanction the event should the Luxembourg Boxing Federation pull out.
The LBF is overseeing the London fight against the wishes of domestic body, the British Boxing Board of Control.
The federation will meet on Tuesday to discuss its role in licensing the bout.
But promoter Bruce Baxter told BBC Sport: "There were [other] European federations that approached me."
Baxter is chairman of the Professional Boxing Promoters Association as well as representing the LBF in Britain.
Pressure on the LBF increased at the weekend following a European Boxing Union threat to expel the federation should the 14 July event go ahead.
In light of the EBU move and the potential for the LBF to quit the bout, Baxter said: "I have been approached by at least five other federations who would love to license and sanction this fight.
"One thing is 100% certain. Subject to both boxers being fit, come 14 July at West Ham there will be a properly regulated and sanctioned show involving Mr Chisora and Mr Haye.
"There is no question, because nobody is doing anything illegal. It will be sanctioned by a governing body."
Neither Haye nor Chisora hold a British boxing licence, with Chisora suspended in February after the duo brawled in Munich.
Frank Warren, who manages Chisora, insists there is nothing illegal about the fight being licensed by the LBF rather than the BBBoC.
Baxter said it is possible that Luxembourg could abandon their support of the fight when they meet at 1900 BST on Tuesday.
"I think they probably fear what they perceive to be adverse publicity, which has been exaggerated by the BBBoC," he said.
"I am worried. I'm concerned with the whole thing."
Baxter also criticised the EBU's recent actions.
"It is not in the EBU's constitution to reprimand fellow members on how they act with their licensing," he said.
"The BBBoC have acted disgracefully. They've used their dominant role in the market to trying to prevent Luxembourg from acting lawfully in the UK."
However, general secretary of the EBU, Enza Jacoponi, disputed this interpretation.
"It is in our constitution," she told BBC Sport. "We can put this vote on our agenda. Then the members voted.
"The general assembly say that if, on 14 July, the fight is held under the jurisdiction of the Luxembourg Federation, in this case they will be suspended and out of the EBU.
"But until such a date they are still a member."
Asked whether the same sanctions would apply to an alternative European federation stepping in to sanction the fight, Jacoponi refused to comment.

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Could it not just go on as an unlicensed fight?
I doubt it, as I expect that both Haye and Chisora want to win this and then get a further crack at the Klitschkos, and I doubt that if they go the unlicensed route that they would get that shot. The Klitschkos like things by the book, they have beaten both of these guys already, so they won't need much reason not to take on Haye or Chisora again. They already won't want to give them another payday, platform etc. So I think that both Haye and Chisora will want to make this fight as formal and clean as can be in order to maximize their chances of a shot at the title down the track.

I agree that this fight will go ahead, though, even if the LBF drop out, even if they lose the date (I don't think that they will) there is sufficient hype behind it that it has to happen. People have complained for years that there are no exciting heavyweight fights to capture the mainstream imagination - there is too much support for this one to for those with influence to let it fall by the wayside.

Plus this whole episode has, for me, shown that the Board have no teeth, so the promoters and fighters have the power and they want it. So it will happen, imho, just not unlicensed.

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Despite stories to the contrary, the Luxembourg Boxing Federation will be the sanctioning body for the upcoming heavyweight clash between David Haye and Dereck Chisora.

Over the weekend the European Boxing Union (EBU) voted to suspend the Luxembourg Federation with the threat of complete expulsion if it continued to support the controversial bout.
However, a source in Luxembourg has revealed to SecondsOut that that an emergency meeting has taken place in the small European nation this evening and the members of the federation have voted in favour of sanctioning the fight without EBU backing.

This move will likely mean that the luxembourg Federeration will operate outside of the EBU's governance in the future but the source stated that this will not mean that the structure and organisation of the fight will be hindered in any way.

The source also poured scorn on reports that 94 per cent of EBU members had recently voted in favour of the Luxembourg Boxing Federation being suspended, explaining that the percentage is based on the number of fighters licensed by each member state rather than the actual number of governing bodies casting a vote.

In fact, the source said, 17 nations were in favour of the move, 12 were against and one abstained. It's just that the countries with the most licensed boxers (notably the British Boxing Board of Control) were the ones who were most in favour of seeing the Luxembourg Boxing Federation punished.

Also, despite the EBU not supporting the contest, both the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) and the World Boxing Association (WBA) will continue to sanction the fight for their international and intercontinental titles.

June 5, 2012
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