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Eddie Hearn signs Martin Rogan - comeback on the Frampton show

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I suspect against a journeyman and if he looks OK he can then get an eliminator once price vacates
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has he signed him? or is this just a one fight thing for the undercard because he shifts tickets?
Bit of both probably. If he loses or looks shit, I doubt Eddie will be bothered if he gets him another fight.
yeah, clever move where the Frampton card is concerned. Be interesting to see how Rogan/ Hearn pans out after that.
is it me or does Eddie does this fairly often? get a few local ticket sellers on bills as and when but not sign them long term, maybe have options or whatever but not have them in matchroom per se
What about Reynolds for the Irish title? Both ticket sellers
Reynolds is a cruiserweight mate, plus he's not eligible for the Irish title yet.
shit so he is my mistake
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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