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Good Morning,

How do we all feel about this weekends card from Sheffield, and what are the expected outcomes? I think it's a really strong card, but I've not really noticed any buzz about it.

To the best of my knowledge the card is as below;

Kell Brook v Carson Jones
IBF International Welterweight Title

This is a fight I, and most others here I would imagine, expect Kell to win. I've not seen a great deal of Jones, admittedly the only fight I can remember, for which I needed to use YT to jog my memory, was him getting outboxed and stopped by Alfonso Gomez. Jones was a teenager at the time so I would expect him to have learnt a few lessons since then, but not having followed his career I'm hoping you guys can tell me if this is true or not.

Brook TKO10

Gavin Rees v Derry Mathews
European Lightweight Title

I was at their first fight and was bitterly disappointed with the outcome as I felt it was warming up nicely. Going into their first encounter I had Rees as the clear favourite as Matthews looked completely done, I was anticipating any clean punch (or headbutt) on that conk would take him out - which I still feel is a strong possibility. Since the first Rees fight, Derry suffered a stoppage loss to unheralded Marsili but also has notched up a very impressive win against Anthony Crolla - so Derry has some momentum behind him.

As always with Derry, he does have good power and has been in some exciting fights, so I'm expecting this to be a contender for FOTN, but before the final bell Rees will land enough on that nose, or to the body, to break Derry's heart and take the stoppage victory. After this fight Rees will still be criminally underrated.

Rees TKO9

Kerry Hope v Greg Proksa
European Middleweight Title

The first encounter was a massive upset, with Proksa being rated by some in the Top 5 middles. A fantastic win for Hope and I'll stick my neck on the line and say he can do it again. The cut clearly bothered Proksa and it's safe to assume he took Hope lightly, possibly believing in his own hype too much. Let's just hope this fight is as good as the first.

Hope MD12

Lee Purdy v Chris Johnson
English Welterweight Title

I thought Purdy was going to walk it against Lynes, but after an old Lynes showed how comfortably he could outmove and outbox him I think this fight could go either way . My only reservation is whether or not Johnson has enough about him to box Purdy off the back foot, because if they went toe-to-toe all my money would be on Purdy.

PS. The cards for Lynes-Purdy fight still make my blood boil.

Purdy TKO3

Plus featuring Ryan Aston and Scotty Cardle

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Nice thread Bryn.

I'd say Proksa beats Hope this time. I felt he beat him last time even though he was badly distracted by the cut and a good showing from Hope. Hopefully it's a good fight again but I do think Proksa should win.

Rees/Mathews should be entertaining, but I fancy Gavin Rees to stop him as well.

Not sure I know Chris Johnson, so I think Purdy ought to win that one.

And as for this Edge of Glory fight for Kelly Brook.. she should win comfortably IMO and then will only be one or two more fights away from a world title fight!!!

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Nice write up.

I agree with pretty much everything. I'm not sure Brook stops him, but I think he beats jones wide on points. Rees will stops Matthews, I'm almost certain of that. But the real fight on the card is Hope - Proksa. The first fight was entertaining (I also had the Pole winning by a point.) I can't see Kerry fighting that way again, and without the cut, Proksa would have beaten him. I think he takes a wide decision or stops Hope late

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Good thread Bryn.

Brook/Jones..Can't see anything other then a Brook victory, Jones should test Kell though, Jones will actually keep coming forward and throwing punches, unlike Kells previous opponents.

Brook TKO 10, I think he's really going to step up and look to be more aggressive in this fight.

Rees/Matthews..Rees will dominate from about the 4th round onwards, Rees is clearly a level above Derry.

Rees TKO 8.

Proksa/Hope..I thought Proksa was robbed in they're first fight tbh, credit to Hope though, he put up a great fight, but clearly in my eyes didn't deserve the victory, this time around Proksa should win more comfortably.

Proksa UD.

As for the rest of the fights, Purdy should get the stoppage and hopefully set up a September fight with Vassell, looking forward to see Kal Yafai making his debut, Rhys Roberts returns against Dai Davies, wonder if Hearn has signed Rhys?

Ryan Aston has looked impressive of late, and he's got another decent test against underrated puncher Curtis Valentine.

Overall it's a really good card, that should deliver at least 3 or 4 good fights.

Jones is a bit like Tim Bradley with less stanima and chin but more power and slower hands. Think we might see a gut check for Kell Brook, lets remember he has never even lost a round in his pro career.

I fancy matthews to spring the upset. i think Rees new he was in for a tough night last time and saw the headbutt as an easy way out. Matthews height will cause him problems.

Hope vs Proszka i cant decide. the pole obviously underestimated him last time, but hope was coming in at 3 weeks notice.


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Kell Brook vs Carson Jones - Got a feeling Kell will look really impressive here and just completely dominate this fight, Jones isn't very good and Brook simply has too much skill to get troubled. Early stoppage. TKO4

Derry Mathews vs Gavin Rees - Great fight this and a tough one to call. Last fight I strongly favored Rees, but Matthews was very good against Crolla and if he brings that to the ring it may be a tough test. However think Rees will have a bit too much and gain a late stoppage. TKO10

Grzegorz Proksa vs Kerry Hope - Proksa really overlooked him last time and even with that I thought he won pretty comfortably. Can't see him being as under-prepared as last time and think he will gain a stoppage midway through. Proksa TKO6

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I can't wait for this card mate, they're isn't exactly any 50/50 fights on the card, but they should all be competitive and exciting.

I hope Rees can get a crack at Burns in December or January, his style would pose more problems for Ricky then Mitchell will IMO, he deserves a big fight.
It'd be a good fight for Rees, and he is deserving, but I get the feeling Rees doesn't really want it and I wouldn't fancy his chances against Burns anyways.

EDIT: Not to say you should only take fights that you're pretty much guaranteed to win, you get what I mean. :lol:
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