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Errol Spence reinstated

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Spence is now back in and America have a contender again after the board ruled the judges to be incorrect.

Good call but some shambolic goings on at these games. I wonder if there are more suspensions looming.
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Its good that the right man won but there have been equally bad decisions in the games that havent been changed. I feel sorry for some of those guys from smaller nations who dont have the same political weight behind their appeals.

Hopefully this will encourage better judging & refereeing.

Has anyone else read about the technical official Aghajan Abiyev (from Azerbijan) who has been sent home for "mulitple breaches of the code of conduct" ??
Yeah i read a small article on it, not much detail but I think he had been in contact with his home team which is against the rules. Him another sent home and the German ref who dq'ed the boxer for leading with his head has been suspended so far. Hopefully they start cracking down on this more and getting rid of the bad apples.
It makes me worry that every close decision will be scrutinised and an appeal launched. Don't get me wrong, it's good that Spence has gone thru, but where does it stop?
As long as they stay on top then it shouldn't be too bad. they were quick to throw Khytrov's teams appeal out. They probably know the answer before an appeal is submitted on most cases. The fellow that got DQ'ed didn't appeal at all but the referee was suspended, he would have had a good case for a re-match if he had bothered.
To be fair to Roe, it has been a farce, it just hasn't been anymore of a farce than the other Olympics, simply because boxing is a farce a lot of the time.

Still been a quality tournament so far,k boxing has been at a way higher standard than at Beijing.
six knockdown's, no counts, no warnings, round scored even - I think farce is the perfect word for this occassion
You're calling the whole tournamant a farce because of a handfull of iffy calls, at least 2 of which were recified on appeal? Its a lazy, knee jerk, cliched and plain inaccurate word to use in this context. Given that you've admitted tournament is not worse than most others, and better than some, I guess we can just call Olympic boxing in general a farce and stop bothering to watch it.
But it is though, a farce is a show of unlikely, improbably or extravagant situations. I could name around ten bouts so far that meet this.
10? Could you? Or would you be reduced to the ridiculous situation of calling fights like Joshua-Savon a farce where where due to the vagaries of the amateur scoring system a close fight went against what a lot of people, most of whom have never scored an amateur fight in their life and didn't even come up with any concrete numbers for the fight themselves, thought?

Either way, to call the tournment as a whole "a farce" is way out of line IMHO as you've pretty much admitted in a previous post. As a British boxing fan theres absolutely no need to start wearing the hair shirt over this Olympic boxing tournament but, then again, I guess us Brits love a good moan.
But that fight wasn't close and reeked of hometown cooking. I've watched the fight three times and had Savon at least six points ahead and winning every single round. On top of that we have had the aforementioned fight that saw six knockdown's ignored and the round called even. A DQ for leading with the head, so poor a DQ even the Cuban opponent looked bemused by the situation.

We had Attoev V Juratoni whereby Attoev was hurt in the second round and from that moment onwards he ran, cuddled and blew out of his arse. he hardly threw a punch back, certainly none that landed whilst the Turk landed frequently only to lose the third round and I think the second was a draw. Then there was the Spence robbery that they had to overturn (the second of the tournament). A knockout was scored after the bell in gausher's first fight, the scoring punch didn't even beat the bell.

There has been four officials sent home under investigation of corruption, another suspended for poor practice. That's just off my head and that doesn't include other matches that weren't close in the first round and scored the other way.

Just because something is a farce doesn't mean you can't enjoy it either, it just means it isn't ran to level it should be and that unexpected and questionable events turn up along the way. in fact a farce is actually meant to be enjoyed.
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I don't consider the Joshua-Savon fight a farce but it was a robbery. Even scoring a flurry as one punch, which I do, I had it 17-11 to the Cuban. Amateur boxing isn't as subjective as the pro side and should be far easier to get right. Savon consistently landed cleaner shots, he might have took some back in the exchanges but their were plenty of times when Savon was in and out before Joshua had the chance to reply.
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