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Errol Spence reinstated

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Spence is now back in and America have a contender again after the board ruled the judges to be incorrect.

Good call but some shambolic goings on at these games. I wonder if there are more suspensions looming.
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This one was overturned again due to a breach of rules. Team USA complained that the Indian guy should've had points deducted and warnings which weren't given. So the same with the Shimizu one, it was overturned due to incorrect officiating. I watched it a mile away from a tv in my local but it looked to me like Spence should've won anyway.

The boxing in these olympic games is still a farce sadly :-(
A few bad decisions and your coming out with statements like this: :lol:

Look there has been bad decisions at the Olympics for as long as they have been around. And incorrect incompetent officiating has been there aswell. But I dont think a couple of bad decisions should dissuade from what has been an Olympics full of very good fights. Its been more entertaining by a mile than the last couple of games and the good thing is that justice is being done when shit decisions have been made (unless your British ;)). Ideally it shouldn't even be happening, but im fairly happy overall with how the boxing is going. All the AIBA need to sort out is the spastics that they are using as officals.
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