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Errol Spence reinstated

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Spence is now back in and America have a contender again after the board ruled the judges to be incorrect.

Good call but some shambolic goings on at these games. I wonder if there are more suspensions looming.
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Correct me if I'm wrong but they havn't yet reversed the result of a bout based purely on the scoring? They've been done as a result of refs incorrectly applying rules and the scores being out because of that. ie. the subjective part of the judging has been left alone.

And Roe, "a farce" come fella, stop being a drama queen. Its been a great tournament with no more slip ups than any other Olympics I've seen since 1976.
TBH Chatty, the word "farce" is one of those overused, cliched and incorrectly used words on ESB that I was hoping to leave behind when I set sail on the good ship CheckHookBoxing....:hey
You're calling the whole tournamant a farce because of a handfull of iffy calls, at least 2 of which were recified on appeal? Its a lazy, knee jerk, cliched and plain inaccurate word to use in this context. Given that you've admitted tournament is not worse than most others, and better than some, I guess we can just call Olympic boxing in general a farce and stop bothering to watch it.
10? Could you? Or would you be reduced to the ridiculous situation of calling fights like Joshua-Savon a farce where where due to the vagaries of the amateur scoring system a close fight went against what a lot of people, most of whom have never scored an amateur fight in their life and didn't even come up with any concrete numbers for the fight themselves, thought?

Either way, to call the tournment as a whole "a farce" is way out of line IMHO as you've pretty much admitted in a previous post. As a British boxing fan theres absolutely no need to start wearing the hair shirt over this Olympic boxing tournament but, then again, I guess us Brits love a good moan.
When you scored Savon-Joshua and in the 3rd round when Savon was catching Joshua with jab, right cross, jab and Joshua comes back with a single connecting shot, how were you scoring that exchange? 3-1? 2-1? Because sure as hell in amatuer boxing, rightly or wrongly, thats a 1-1 exchange with amatuer scoring. Hardly a farce in any case.

I know who I thought won that fight but I also know I don't score fights by trying to press a button at the same time as 5 other old farts. ie. my opinion is going to be frequently at odds with the official decision.

The Gaushee fight was a split second thing, second guessing that ref is pretty easy sitting on the sofa watching the replay. Again, not really a farce.

What have we had 50,60 fights? A few close fights where the system of scoring is as much to blame as anything else, 2 bad decisions that were overturned (far from ideal but ultimately a good thing). Not really THAT comedic IMHO.
This semantics debate could go on all night mate. Just to pin you down on one point, do you regard the Joshua-Savon fight as fullfilling the definition of "a farce"? Because if you do we may as well knock this debate on the head right now as we just have totally different opinions on what the word means.
I'm not going to defend the that decision, just glad to have taken 1 of your 10 "farces" out of the game.:hey
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