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Errol Spence reinstated

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Spence is now back in and America have a contender again after the board ruled the judges to be incorrect.

Good call but some shambolic goings on at these games. I wonder if there are more suspensions looming.
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This semantics debate could go on all night mate. Just to pin you down on one point, do you regard the Joshua-Savon fight as fullfilling the definition of "a farce"? Because if you do we may as well knock this debate on the head right now as we just have totally different opinions on what the word means.
I don't consider the Joshua-Savon fight a farce but it was a robbery. Even scoring a flurry as one punch, which I do, I had it 17-11 to the Cuban. Amateur boxing isn't as subjective as the pro side and should be far easier to get right. Savon consistently landed cleaner shots, he might have took some back in the exchanges but their were plenty of times when Savon was in and out before Joshua had the chance to reply.
I'm not going to defend the that decision, just glad to have taken 1 of your 10 "farces" out of the game.:hey
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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