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Fighting Harada vs Miguel Canto - FlyWeight.

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Who and why ??
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What was Harada like as a fighter? I know he had a really good record and was an excellent fighter, but ive never watched any footage of him? I might check him out. What kind of style had he and what are his best fights?

Canto ive seen a fair bit of, and he seemed to be an excellent technician, very good skills.
Check this @Sportofkings .

Harada vs Aoki...Aoki was a ranked fighter, decent opponent.....
Wow, peach of a right hand to finish it. He looks like a relentlessly aggressive, quick pressure fighter. Evidently he could punch a bit too :lol:

Must give his career a closer look when I get the time. His fights with jofre would be a good place to start I suppose.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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