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Fighting Harada vs Miguel Canto - FlyWeight.

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Who and why ??
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Harada could box but he was the greatest Swarmer of alltime. He will truly blow your mind. Check out his first fight with Pone Kingpetch and prepare to put it at the top of 'best performances ever'.

He's a horrible matchup for Canto. Harada would demolish him. Keep throwing his jab, walking him onto his accurate right hand and then bludgeon him with both. Canto doesn't have the power to holdhim off, the activity to win a decision, and against Masahiko his footwork is unlikely to keep him out of trouble for long enough.
Great example Vic! Why didn't I think of that?! :patsch
@Sportofkings Consider yourself converted ;)
He's the greatest Asian fighter of all time. One of THE greats, I have him just outside the top 30 myself.

In terms of skillset, he shows you a lot over the championship distance, but his constant swarming assaults, usually set up by a hugely distracting jab that is, well, I know doubled, tripled, quadrupled but what is it when you throw eight, nine, ten jabs in rapid succession? @lufcrazy would know :D To lead people onto whatever right hand or burst of punches Harada saw fit.

I'd say the first Kingpetch fight is the perfect place to start. First title fight. Totally unheralded challenger. Totally unfathomable performance.
@Bryn Not like I haven't recommended him ;)
I remember you said something like this before....that he was greater than Pacquiao, at the time I was like,"well, I´m not sure about that Flea".......but now, my euphoria for Pacquiao is not the same and honestly, I think you´re right on it.
It is close but when you consider Pac' only won a title at flyweight due to 24 hour weigh in's I think Harada's P4P achievements are more impressive. Best win(s) out of the two. Just as good on film.
@Bryn True :lol: :good
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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