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Fights the bookies got "wrong" but most fight fans got right?

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Although Heffron was the bookies favourite the (vast?) majority of online boxing fans seemed to be pretty confident that Vassell would win. Any other examples of this?

A lot of people had Hopkins over Pavlik but I don't think Hopkins-Pavlik was anywhere near as clear cut with boxing fans going against the betting favourite (Pavlik was undefeated while Hops was coming off looking poor against Calzaghe remember) as tonights fight.
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Most boxing fans I've come across thought Vassell would win yet the bookies installed Heffron as favourite AND the market kept him there. I probably should have made the thread title "Fights the betting market got wrong but...".

The Hatton fight was strange, even boxing fans were just dismissing a 3 plus year layoff like it was nothing.
There were too many unknowns for me to go near it.
That what I thought. Far too much guess work to have a firm opinion let alone bet on Hatton IMHO.
let me know if you can find odds on that, if you can get a Price KO2 bet let me know, dont think skelton will last much longer
You'd think a Welshie would spell the name right, eh?
My phone lets you correct an incorrect auto correct spelling. Sloppy work Bryn
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