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Fightscorecollector's March Fight List

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I will be covering the grand total of 25 fights in March on my fightscorecollector site......

Yep thats a lot of fights but 22 of them will be on 2 separate bills, 1 from Motherwell in Scotland and the other from the massive Rule Britannia event in London. Again all on the site.

3 Big fights from the States will also be covered throughout the month.

Thanks guys and please continue to provide scores in the RBR threads or on twitter, please send to @thefightscore
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There's also a card at York Hall on Friday 15th March, John McDermott vs Matt Skelton. I might get press passes for it. Def trying to get to BJS/Hall as well
how do we get press passes? I'd be happy to try and cover south west wales or west country shows dependent on which one im in?
Get yourself on the writing team first. Do a few previews and reports from home to boost your profile and all will evoke clear ;)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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