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Fightscorecollector's March Fight List

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I will be covering the grand total of 25 fights in March on my fightscorecollector site......

Yep thats a lot of fights but 22 of them will be on 2 separate bills, 1 from Motherwell in Scotland and the other from the massive Rule Britannia event in London. Again all on the site.

3 Big fights from the States will also be covered throughout the month.

Thanks guys and please continue to provide scores in the RBR threads or on twitter, please send to @thefightscore
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There's also a card at York Hall on Friday 15th March, John McDermott vs Matt Skelton. I might get press passes for it. Def trying to get to BJS/Hall as well
how do we get press passes? I'd be happy to try and cover south west wales or west country shows dependent on which one im in?
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