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Fish,chips and scraps featuring burkinshaw and wale/Davies

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Who has seen this?

Spike tv had free to watch boxing last night promoted by Dennis hobson,good card from the magna centre.they showed josh wale v dai Davies and the headliner and governing body bauble battle between ross burkinshaw and a decent South African.

I'm just watching it all now having managed to avoid the results,but I must say straight off that the format is brave and pretty fresh to be honest.Jamie moore,denis hobson and keith senior were the guests on a quite unique set and it had a kind of TFI Friday meets soccer AM feel.

Quite encouraging really.ill add to the thread when ive seen all the show.
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The production is genuinely good,streets ahead of the likes of loaded tv when maloney did some shows with them.

They have actually had a good go at this and Id compare it to channel 5s coverage really,apart from they have a studio and it has more personality.

It's helps they had such a good domestic level card to start off with,2 50/50 bouts which were always going to be entertaining.hopefully hobson can do more on here,and get some more exposure for this level of fighter.
was embarrassing and very cringey. Jamie had a look on his face which said what the fuck am i doing here.
@One to watch. Yes. Good show. Well presented. Felt a bit sorry for young Ross,ex soldier and all,not made a stack of money out of the game. I think and hope he doesn't pack in. Maybe drop down a level. Happy for young Wale. His Dads not been well fior a long time,he's been a tough battler and fights anybody. Bit sorry for him in a way but a good win. Good to see Hobson,good boxing man,forgot more than Eddies got to know yet. Maybe we've seen Jim Watts replacement when he goes full time to the golf course in Jamie Moore. Hopefully keep HIM away from that effing Spanish gym. The blonde bird wasn't bad either. They're all trying to outdo each other with this,and its no bad thing.
was embarrassing and very cringey. Jamie had a look on his face which said what the fuck am i doing here.
Yeah,I didn't get that.

The quality of the boxing coverage at least was good,it reminded my of a coldwell show really,but on the bigger screen.
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