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Gatti - Won next fight and then lost to Baldomir and Gomez
Mitchell - Won next fight then lost to Williams
Judah - Next fight was a no contest against a bum and then lost against Cotto
Baldomir - Lost next fight to Vernon Forest
DLH - Won tune up fight against Forbes then got obliterated by Pac
Hatton - Won next 2 fights against C level and then obliterated by Pac
Marquez - Went on to win his next 3 before losing a close decision to Pac, then going onto beating him in a rematch.
Mosley - Drew next fight against Mora and then completely dominated by Pac
Ortiz - Next fight he retired against Lopez
Cotto - Next fight he lost to Trout
Guerrero - ?

Marquez is the only credible opponent from this list and even this (as we know) was far from a level playing field when he fought Mayweather.

Refresher from Wiki regarding the controversy at the weigh in:

'Because Marquez had never before fought above 135 lbs and had fought at 130 lbs as recently as March 2008, while Mayweather had campaigned at 147 lbs since 2005, the fight was scheduled to take place at a catchweight of 144 lbsto account for the size disparity between the two fighters. The fight was originally scheduled for July 18, 2009 at the MGM Grand arena but was postponed due to a rib injury sustained by Mayweather. The bout was rescheduled for September 19, 2009. During the official weigh in for their 144 lb bout, Marquez weighed in at 142 lbs and Mayweather weighed in at 146 lbs thereby incurring a financial penalty ($300,000 for each pound over 144 lbs) as he was 2 pounds over the catchweight. It was later revealed that the contract was changed a few days prior to the weigh in so that Mayweather would be allowed to weigh up to the welterweight limit of 147 lbs while avoiding paying an additional fine to the, in addition to the fine he agreed to pay to Marquez.'

So to conclude what the majority already know; Almost every fight that Floyd has had in the best part of 10 years has been against either prematurely hyped fighters or established fighters in decline (Guererro slots nicely into the first bracket).

I'm not a Floyd hater or have any type of agenda such as being a huge Pac fan. I'm simply trying to paint the true depiction of what Floyd has been up to in the last 8 years. For someone of Floyd's ability, as a boxing fan I find it extremely insulting that he continues to try and pull the wool over the boxing fan's eyes and does still largely succeed with these tactics on the casual fan (which largely makes up the ridiculously biased Floyd fans on here).

This type of shit has been going on long enough in boxing, but in my opinion Floyd is the greatest at exploiting the tainted sport of boxing despite being gifted with special ability.

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Hard to disagree with any of this. Even now they're talking about making Canelo come down to 147.
Dan Rafael ‏@danrafaelespn 16h
Schaefer emailed me, said as he works on Floyd-Canelo reports Floyd insists 'on 147 & Canelo would be OK with a catch weight, it's all BS.'

When Hopkins beat Pavlik & Calzaghe beat Lacy, they ruined those guys. Beat them so convincingly that they were never the same again. Mentally it fucked them up. But when Mayweather does that......they were always shit?

Also you need to factor in that the Mayweather fight is the Champions League Final to these guys. There biggest payday, there biggest night. There so up for it. To then go and play in League 1 its harder to get motivated, especially when you are fighting for 5x less money, in front of 5x less the number of people.

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Exactly. My man Oscar always said "I have to be at my best because everyone is gunning for me, this is their chance to have the whole world"

Which is why so many tried to cheat against him :lol:
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