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Frampton fights September 22nd - Kiko out, Molitor in

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At the Odysee, Belfast.

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Finally! The twelve rounds Carlos got against Hirales could prove vital, Frampton seems very well rounded, even at this early stage in his career, he should have too much for Kiko.

Frampton points or late stoppage.
Kiko is having a warm up fight in belfast on Saturday against Douggie Curran, so I'd imagine he's having his full training camp over here.
Great fight, this has come for Framton at the perfect time, would love if the undercard was as good as anticipated to.
Yea, theres loads of talent fighters on the card, hopefully Hearn can match them well, Lindsay, O'kane, Conlan, Martin Ward (2nd fight in 2 weeks if he doesn't get cut that is) Yafai, Cardle and Mccloskey.

Same night as Burns/Mitchell aswell :ibutt:ibutt:ibutt
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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