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Frampton fights September 22nd - Kiko out, Molitor in

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At the Odysee, Belfast.

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Here's where we see how good Carl really is.
Nice one, not as big of a test as Kiko but still a good fight, made it quick too.
Molitor is probably still better than Kiko, I think. He has some decent skills that could cause Carl problems, so it's a fight that's worth watching. Martinez is only really a risk if you stand in with him.
I agree with you,Eddie has done a great job getting Molitor in as a replacement
I agree, he has. Eddie's doing a great job with Frampton.
Haha - Eddie Hearn just tweeted me asking if I was the "legendary dftaylor" from ESB! That has made me chuckle!
Rob, I hope this Eddie Hearn thing isn't David Haye all over again where you take a shine to boxing figure and then it all ends in tears when the bloke ends up being less than perfect?;)
Just read that! Was it me or was he trying to seduce you?

"Thats what makes you stand out from the other promoters Eddie x" Why you arselicker! :****

I didn't say that! That was some twat who hijacked my tweet-fest. Bastard - I was enjoying having the dreamboat all to myself. :lol:

Eddie seems like a nice guy, and it was admirable that he started the conversation with me. So score one for Eddie, can't imagine Frank or Mick doing the same. But it doesn't change my attitude to wait and see, and to try and balance out the love-fest with some colourful criticism. He accepted that though. So score two for Eddie.

And I do think he's doing a good job with Frampton and Brook.
Ah cool, just re-read it. So he wanted to fight and the doctor has refused to let him?

Guess I'm the cock smoker.
But you're OUR cock smoker.
1 - 7 of 56 Posts
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