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Frankie Gavin looking at Matthew Hatton

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@frankiegavin1: Purdy witter lynes matt hatton are the main ones I want so hope they get delivered x

@MagicMattHatton: @frankiegavin1 frankie if u want the fight get someone from your team to contact me. I am self managed so makin the fight isn't a problem!

@frankiegavin1: @MagicMattHatton no prob mate yh will do, ur the fight I need to move to next level an u obviously think ur beat me good fight !

@MagicMattHatton: @frankiegavin1 sound. Get whoever deals with your fights to contact me. Kerry has my contact number!

It's actually not a bad fight, one that could showcase a lot of Gavin's talents. It will be a far more exciting fight than a Gavin - Witter bout
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On recent form you'd have to favour cueball head, in all honesty.
The same one who lost every round against Brook?

I think it's a pretty even fight. I'd slightly favour the fresher Gavin, but Matt's experience will certainly test him.
Going 12 with Alvarez and Brook despite losing both is superior to being extended by Curtis Woodhouse (and losing several rounds) and being unable to do anything at all with Young Mutley.

I can't see it happening in all honesty, there'll be a row about money and promotional stuff too.
I see what to mean Luke, but I think Matthew will make Gavin look a million dollars. And Frankie will be bang up for it and won't be a massive favourite like against Mutley and Woodhouse.

It's a very good fight, but I share your pessimism about it happening

He did lose several... I had him winning 8-4 at the time, not seen it since that night.

He boxed quite well and Woodhouse did way better than anyone expected.

I don't see what there is to call bollocks, or are you in angry mood today? :hey
It's ok, @dftaylor 's anger is usually directed at me and the fighters I like. It's nice being a fly on the wall for once :lol:
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