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Frankie Gavin looking at Matthew Hatton

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@frankiegavin1: Purdy witter lynes matt hatton are the main ones I want so hope they get delivered x

@MagicMattHatton: @frankiegavin1 frankie if u want the fight get someone from your team to contact me. I am self managed so makin the fight isn't a problem!

@frankiegavin1: @MagicMattHatton no prob mate yh will do, ur the fight I need to move to next level an u obviously think ur beat me good fight !

@MagicMattHatton: @frankiegavin1 sound. Get whoever deals with your fights to contact me. Kerry has my contact number!

It's actually not a bad fight, one that could showcase a lot of Gavin's talents. It will be a far more exciting fight than a Gavin - Witter bout
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I'd probably go for Hatton too tbh
I reckon Gavin could make 140 with a proper strength coach and nutritionist.
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