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Frankie Gavin looking at Matthew Hatton

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@frankiegavin1: Purdy witter lynes matt hatton are the main ones I want so hope they get delivered x

@MagicMattHatton: @frankiegavin1 frankie if u want the fight get someone from your team to contact me. I am self managed so makin the fight isn't a problem!

@frankiegavin1: @MagicMattHatton no prob mate yh will do, ur the fight I need to move to next level an u obviously think ur beat me good fight !

@MagicMattHatton: @frankiegavin1 sound. Get whoever deals with your fights to contact me. Kerry has my contact number!

It's actually not a bad fight, one that could showcase a lot of Gavin's talents. It will be a far more exciting fight than a Gavin - Witter bout
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Good fight for Gavin and if he's going anywhere he should win.

He did lose several... I had him winning 8-4 at the time, not seen it since that night.

He boxed quite well and Woodhouse did way better than anyone expected.

I don't see what there is to call bollocks, or are you in angry mood today? :hey
It's ok, @dftaylor 's anger is usually directed at me and the fighters I like. It's nice being a fly on the wall for once :lol:
maybe once this fight doesn't get made Frankie will realise he has a shit team.

Interesting Hatton doesn't seem to have any faith in his brother Wicky.
agree with allot of this. Its sink or swim for frankie. take away his name and amateur days and go purley of performances and career progression as a pro nobody would be talking about him.

so many excuses from the kid. hennesey won the witter purse bid for an eliminator. frankie said no as it was 3 weeks notice and he had more personal problems....darren hamilton won the british title at 4 days notice. thats a real fighter.
Are some of you guys serious? Complete mismatch, easy fight for Gavin.
Comfortable points win for Gavin, he was supposed to pressure and test brook too and this will be similar to that fight
Probably won't happen but he's got to fight someone like Hatton soon, then we'll see what he's made of.
Gavin with ease, Hatton would stuggle to win a round. He lost every single round against Craig Watson and Frankie Gavin is a far superior boxer to Craig Watson. Anyone with decent footwork murders Hatton, he's so flat footed he's stuggles with anyone who can create angles
I think this fight is perfect for Frankie. He needs to start moving now, and Hatton is a great stepping stone.
Sad to see twitter used in this way.:-(
Far to nice to each other!

I reckon Frankie should win this but it is a step up. That's more a reflection of Gavins previous opponents rather than how good Magic is mind you.
21 - 31 of 31 Posts
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