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Freddie mills (killer ?)

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Not sure where to post this but I decided here was the best place.

I don't know much about this but there has always been rumours about Freddie mills being a killer and killing himself through fear of being caught what are the forums thoughts/views on this
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It all makes a good story but Freddie was neither gay or a serrial killer. Nipper reid the famous detective (and of the british boxing board of control) who arrested the krays wanted to pin freddies mysterious death on the krays and thoroughly exhausted it but there was no evidence. He was also involved in the jack the stripper case and again there was no evidence to link Mills with it at all. His book was a great read, he also officiated the Tyson v Holyfeild ear biting fight.
Mills had mental heath issues, by his own account he suffered from depression and had a lost weekend before he was even famous. Freddie liked being famous but the only proof mills was gay comes from unreliable sources like criminals. Ron Kray said Freddie was gay and Ron was a raving mad psychopath. I have never read of a credible person saying Freddie was gay nor have i read of any gay lover come forward, though i will stand corected if there are. untill then its just rumour.
I worked with a guy who knew Mills quite well ,he sparred with him , he told me it was well known Mills was gay ,as was his friend Micheal Holliday,It doesnt detract in any way from his ability and courage as a boxer, but it is so.
This is the kind of way I have heard it too, my problem is it is always some one knows some one who "knows". Its never
"this man was his lover" and no boxing person has ever came out and said (after all these years) that Freddie really was gay. I am still undecided that freddie was gay. makes no difference of course but i dont know of any hard facts. I am not sure the rumour is based mostly on the fact that in retirement Freddie considered himself part of show business and changed the way he spoke.
Stan Cullis the Light heavy said Mills massaged him and he realised that Freddie was gay Nosher Powell confirmed it.As you say it makes no difference to his standing asa boxer. Panama Al Brown was gay, Emille Griffith,there have been fingers pointed at two slightly more recent welterweight champs as well. So what?
makes no difference one way or the other i just think mills' sexuality was more of amystery that was never entirely solved than his actual death.
Nosher powell was a tall story teller. Funny, but was he reliable?

powell's own fascinating book was hilarious but so much of what he said about himself was so played up and could never add up. All powells astonishing storys were littered with enough half truths truths to make you wonder but the mans ego ran so wild I also wonder if nosher would go along with an idea so long as he was getting the attention.
Was nt it him who said Lenny Mclean was good enough to be world HW champion, in the 70s era no less
lenny mclean never fought real boxers. nosher gave mclean real credit as a hardman but was sure to print his own boxing licence right at the front of his book as subtle reminder to the fanboys of the unlicensed scene.
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