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Froch - "I was misquoted"

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"Amir was reacting to a misquote that was put to him. What I actually said was that if that happened to me I'd retire, but I'm 35 years old," Froch said.

"If I was Amir of course I'd be regrouping. I turned professional at 25, it's a totally different ball game at that age.

"At 25 he's still got some of his best years ahead of him physically. Mentally it's a tough defeat to get over, but he's done it before following a devastating knockout by (Breidis) Prescott.

"He knows he's got a vulnerability and that his punch resistance isn't very good, so what he needs to do is adjust his style.

"He should use his range, fast hands and fitness to move around like he used to do. I don't know why he seems to get involved in tear-ups."

what a guy, rather than react immaturely like Khan did, he completely sidestepped Khan's digs and responded with class.

I know Froch talked a lot of shit coming up, but to be fair it got him into the position he's in now and after a late start in boxing, I think it's fair to say the ends justified the means. Even seeing him on ringside "I'm man enough to admit that if I didn't chin Calzaghe, he'd have done me on points"

Great response by the Cobra :good
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:patsch legend, of course :lol: how did i not get that?
I bet Khan feels like a bit of a twat now, well, if that's possible.

I didn't really have any issue at all with what Froch said. Khan has issues taking any critisism it seems, or even perceived critisism.
he's completely deluded in terms of what he's capable of. sad really.
From twitter some guy who's an am at Crawley takes a pop at the cobra

@sherkhannn your just a jealous twat cos amir gets more publicity then you, hope you get smashed in your next fight you mug

@carl_froch I'm coming down to Crawley ABC next week to meet some of the boys. You can tell me all of your concerns face to face...see you soon
what a guy.

I'm really pleased because he did it the ard way. served a tough apprenticeship ion the ams as a late starter culminating in a bronze medal at the world amatuers. Went through the domestic level step by step before taking on the unbeatn pascal for a belt. entered the s6 tournament. after losing in the final he takes on the next best guy and destroys him and now he's trying to avenge his loss to the next best guy even still.

quality operator.
Froch is a classy guy. He makes me want to be a better boxing fan
that is class,i hope he is going crawley,that little fellow will shit his pants.

froch is one of my fave fighters at the mo,he is nearly up there with benn,warriors love em
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