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Froch Vs Degale in November? Best option?

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Was just thinking about the options available to Froch for his November fight and I would actually like to see him face Degale out of the possible options. The Kessler fight isn't going to happen in November which would have been the perfect fight for Carl, Oosthuizen fight seems to be dead in the water because of the destination of the fight, the other name strongly mentioned is Pavlik but he's shot to shit and wouldn't provide any test for Carl and I honestly wouldn't really be interested in the fight at all. I can't really see many other World Class fighters out there for Carl to face.

Degale is a name in the UK for one reason and another and I bet a lot of people would be interested in seeing Carl give him a beating. Degale would be able to give a bit of hype to the fight and maybe get some media attention to Carl which he desperately craves. Carl has also had troubles with slippery southpaws(Ward+Dirrell) and although Degale is miles off their level it is obviously a style that Carl finds hard to adapt to and he may take a few rounds to sort out Degale. It would also be an easy fight to make because Degale is a free agent and I bet he would ask for less money than Pavlik would so that would be another positive for Hearn.

It's not the best fight for Carl, but I would much rather see it than him V Pavlik because I just couldn't see Pavlik bringing anything apart from a name stateside.

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