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Fury-Johnson / Cotto-Trout RbR and Discussion Thread!

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Right, can't be arsed with doing updates, but here's the thread for all your nights boxing discussion lads and ladies.

Eubank on first, I think.
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Pryce has got this. :bbb
Eubank's jab working well in the first, takes the round.
Impressive 2nd from Eubank, landing alot of hard shots. Pryce seemed to fancy this alot more than he did the BJS fight, but I think Eubank is starting to test his will.

20-18 Eubank.
Better 3rd from Price, still didn't do enough to take the round.

30-27 Eubank.
Again, Pryce doing better, but Eubank just landed more frequently and with more telling shots.

40-36 Eubank.
50-45 Eubank. He really over commits to that right hand sometimes.
Still not given Pryce a round, but he could have 2 on my card so far if I'd have been a bit more generous.

60-54 Eubank.
Everything to Jr so far.
Enjoyed that, scored it all to Eubank, but Pryce was asking questions of him every step of the way.
Missed Fury, what happened?

That bird on the Go Daddy advert is a hot tamale.
Sorry but when did Zoo become a top rated game rating magazine? They give any game with guns or a pair of tits a five star score.
So true. I always judge whether I'll get a film/game by what the sources are for the quotes on the cover. Sometimes they can be wrong, like with 'Dead Island' they had Zoo and Nuts, I think, but that game was quality. I mean, if the Star has said a film is quality, then I'll take that with a pinch of salt.
Dancing for the cameras with a funny little grin on his face in the dressing room.
I love Fury.
err...or maybe it will!:lol:

fair play to them!
Mr. Know-it-all suddenly doesn't know it all. :hi:
Sonya Jackson >
Still know more that you!:yep
I'll concede that, but I have no shame.
She looks weird as fuck when skinny. Like she's skinny but it's still blatantly obvious that she grew up on nothing but fish fingers, crisps and cheese.
Her head remains fat regardless. She's trying to dress that voice up too, but it's clear she is a pure bred guttersnipe.
Great tremolo from Fury.
This has got sitcom written all over it. I would pay money to see these two move in together.
Anyone know how Phill Fury got on?
1 - 20 of 308 Posts
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