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Fury-Johnson / Cotto-Trout RbR and Discussion Thread!

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Right, can't be arsed with doing updates, but here's the thread for all your nights boxing discussion lads and ladies.

Eubank on first, I think.
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Lol fuck off Richie, what a shit scorecard. So he thinks if Pryce wins this round he has it an even fight? Watch Pryce do better work than past rounds in these last few but he'll give them to Eubank just so he doesn't have an embarrassing verdict of a draw or Pryce winning.
Sorry but when did Zoo become a top rated game rating magazine? They give any game with guns or a pair of tits a five star score.
He's schooling them in the gymnasium :lol:

God bless Eubank.
I'm more confident Tyson Fury knocks him out in the first than Kingpin wins a split decision, but fuck it, it was worth a punt.

Battle of the Delusionals, this one.
I'll never forgive myself for putting 20 quid on Johnson. He's an absolute fucking embarrassment.
Fucking hell there's paraplegics out there that can put on a better fight than this.
I've never actually hoped for a cut before. Let's call the whole thing off.
It really tells you the state of the heavyweight division when Kevin Johnson can win a fight by knockout nevermind be a legitimate heavyweight contender and challenge for a world title. Just give me the gloves, I can honestly do better.
Take as many fucking points you want Howard, all you're doing is slowing the pace and making the fight even more boring, you cunt. It's not like you're actually gonna DQ Tyson.

...Imagine if he did. :lol:
The only risk Kevin Johnson has took in his life is when he crossed the road on a red light at 4am one snowy night in 1994.
Somehow this fight is even worse than Vitali-Johnson. Jesus Christ, if only they didn't do that duet.
Actually going for a slash half way through the round. Taking more chances than Kingpin.
I'm just watching Degale now, he's as bored as me :lol:
1 - 20 of 308 Posts
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