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Fury-Johnson / Cotto-Trout RbR and Discussion Thread!

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Right, can't be arsed with doing updates, but here's the thread for all your nights boxing discussion lads and ladies.

Eubank on first, I think.
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I think the movement is going to be the difference here. Eubank can take as much or as little of the fight as he wants.
Eubank's scheduled to fight next Saturday too, according to boxrec.
That won't be happening.
Pryce was a replacement I think Lunny. Maybe they thought they'd walk though the original opponent (forget his name)?
Based on this showing, a moderate step up against a shop worn (but experienced) opponent, Eubank needs a LOT of work.
Good learning fight though eh, DF?. Better than Eubank beating a can and coming away thinking he's the next Sugar Ray.
That won't be happening.
err...or maybe it will!:lol:

fair play to them!
Mr. Know-it-all suddenly doesn't know it all. :hi:
Still know more that you!:yep
This has got sitcom written all over it. I would pay money to see these two move in together.
Lethal Weapon 6? I see Fury in Glovers role and Johnson in Gibsons.
Everyones giving it the cold shoulder these days.
Whats with the rubbing face action with the right hand? He's been doing it all fight.
Furys starting to look a bit tired, starting to arm punch and can't keep the distance with his jab. Johnson doing nothing to capitalize though.
for fuck sake I missed 45 minutes of call of duty play time to watch this
Your kill/ death ratio will probably be better for the time off.;)
Accept my friend request you old git.
Will do mate, I've been playing X-com on single player for the last few weeks and not signed in to Live!.
Miguel Cotto is one of those guys that I'll always manage to stay up for.
Normally I would be but my on going mid life crisis means I've got a 10K race tomorrow morning. Cotto will beat Trout though and the undercard is a bit iffy so I'm hoping I don't miss too much.
All of them? Seriously, has he ever been in a shit fight?

Just looking at his record now.. Maussa, Ndou, Pinto, Bailey, Corley, Torres, Branco, Malignaggi, Quintana, Judah, Mosley, Margarito, Clottey, Pacquiao, Forman, Mayorga, Margarito, Mayweather. All were great fights and it's a near complete who's who of welterweights over the last 7 or 8 years.
"All great fights"? C'mon Roe, Cotto has a great record against a who's who of the division but there are few on that list that were far from great fights IMHO.
I can't remember an outright stinker, but the clottey fight was pretty frustrating. Cotto has an aesthetically pleasing style.

Sure some of his 140 bouts, pre-title were a bit tedious too.
I didn't say there were any stinkers DF but not lets call OK/ decent fights like Clottey, Mayweather, Pac etc "great fights" (as opposed to big occasions), they wern't. Even Roe has calmed down a bit and admitted that.;)
SoK. I know Cotto is a blue collar champ and fun to watch but lets not put the rose tinted specs on. To call Cotto-Pac or Cotto-Mayweather "great" as fights because they contained a few interesting rounds is way off the mark IMHO.

Not to knock Cotto but we must be working under a very loose definition of the word "great".
I thought Cotto vs Clottey was a terrific scrap. Really close and with Cotto's cut and Clottey's leg injury it was really tense all the way.
Great fight.:yep;)
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