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Fury-Johnson / Cotto-Trout RbR and Discussion Thread!

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Right, can't be arsed with doing updates, but here's the thread for all your nights boxing discussion lads and ladies.

Eubank on first, I think.
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Eubank's got matched hard so far. Maybe next fight they should put him against someone a bit easier to boost his confidence and ting?
Eubank's scheduled to fight next Saturday too, according to boxrec.
That won't be happening.
Truth. Would be a bad move to stick him out again so soon.

I don't know what the plan was, Pryce is a former commonwealth and British champ isn't he? He's no spud, you shouldn't be looking past guys like Pryce at this stage of his career.
Pryce was a replacement I think Lunny. Maybe they thought they'd walk though the original opponent (forget his name)?
Ahh, right, that makes more sense then.
Missed Fury, what happened?

That bird on the Go Daddy advert is a hot tamale.
Dancing for the cameras with a funny little grin on his face in the dressing room.
He's schooling them in the gymnasium :lol:

God bless Eubank.
:lol: Fucking sparring stories are always shite
Sonya Jackson >
She looks weird as fuck when skinny. Like she's skinny but it's still blatantly obvious that she grew up on nothing but fish fingers, crisps and cheese.
There's not been a heavyweight match up like this since Gatti-Ward. Fury's already been in the heavyweight version of Hagler-Hearns.

Fury-Raining in the classics.
You disgust me. How fucking dare you compare those bums to Fury?

Oh fucking hell Fury, I would love it if he gets destroyed here now. Look at him!

Fury's round. Far higher workrate, a lot sharper, kept range well. Not too much of note landed in that round.

Johnson not throwing much at all, got a couple of jabs in I suppose.

Fury 10-9
Fury 20-18 Johnson

Johnson trying to close the gap, managed to get Fury on the ropes and in the corner a couple of times. Fury turned him well there though. Better round from Johnson but it;s dangerous as Fury is getting the better of it every time he comes in.
If anything, this is the anti-Gatti/Ward.

I want them to play that to Johnson after this fight.
Cotto-Trout should be good but I just don't know if I can make it...
Bernstein and Malignaggi in the house. Very niiiiiice
1 - 20 of 308 Posts
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