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Fury-Johnson / Cotto-Trout RbR and Discussion Thread!

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Right, can't be arsed with doing updates, but here's the thread for all your nights boxing discussion lads and ladies.

Eubank on first, I think.
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2-1 Eubank. Curiously negative performance from Jr so far. Is he a little intimidated by the more-experienced Pryce?
Based on this showing, a moderate step up against a shop worn (but experienced) opponent, Eubank needs a LOT of work.
Good learning fight though eh, DF?. Better than Eubank beating a can and coming away thinking he's the next Sugar Ray.
Absolutely, so it's good to see Hennessey matching him so tough. Pryce, while above his best weight and pretty worn-out, was a good test. That showed up some serious weaknesses that need work.

Personally I'd prefer a prospect struggles early when natural talent can carry them over, than when they face world-level guys.
Good jab from Tyson, nice moves, decent defence too. Johnson straight back to being negative, looking to touch gloves "Can we be friends?"
Nice from Tyson in the second too. Johnson trying some different looks, but lacks the power or, frankly, the skills to be much of a challenge. Still, a better test than Skelton was for Price!
Good third. Any ambition Johnson shows is rapidly extinguished by a surprisingly controlled, disciplined Tyson.
Fury looks a little disinterested, Johnson gets some decent jabs in. 4-0 Fury.
"All great fights"? C'mon Roe, Cotto has a great record against a who's who of the division but there are few on that list that were far from great fights IMHO.
I can't remember an outright stinker, but the clottey fight was pretty frustrating. Cotto has an aesthetically pleasing style.

Sure some of his 140 bouts, pre-title were a bit tedious too.
Small and old, that Mayweather performance took a lot out of Cotto.
1 - 11 of 308 Posts
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