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Gary Shaw gets Peterson V Holt for $50,000

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Gary Shaw, who promotes junior welterweight contender (and former titleholder) Kendall Holt, won the promotional rights to Holt's mandatory shot against titleholder Lamont Peterson on Tuesday.

Shaw grabbed the rights for a mere $50,000. Since his company was the only one that showed up at the IBF offices for the purse bid, he submitted the envelope with the cheaper total. He would have bid a much higher amount had their been competition at the auction.

As the titleholder, Peterson (30-1-1, 15 KOs) is entitled to 75 percent of the money ($37,500) with Holt (28-5, 16 KOs) getting the remaining 25 percent ($12,500).

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Just been made official according to fat Dan.

Dan Rafael ‏@danrafaelespn
Done deal: Signed contracts are in for the Peterson-Holt junior welterweight title bout on Feb. 22 on ESPN'2 "Friday Night Fights.

Holt is only getting $12,500? Are there any add ons that go with that? Is that all he gets?
I'm sure they'll be some TV money and other bonuses but it'll still be low, FNF level fighters never get paid that much.
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