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Gavin - Heffron ?

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Looks like this fight is on according to another forum, how do you see this one going, I'll take Gavin on points, but really good fight anyway
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I'm not sure anyone will fight on July 14 apart from Haye and Chisora.
It's going to be hard to get people to fight Gavin, because he commands such a high purse, yet in the grand scheme of things is an absolute nobody in pro boxing terms.

If you're opponent is getting X amount, you're going to want something proportionate.
How much do we think he'd be getting? He said Witter wanted too much money for the fight, surely Witter should be getting the higher purse :think
I've no idea, but he was owed £30k a while back (this isn't exactly a secret) - not sure which fight it was from, probably the Woodhouse one.

I agree though, Witter's the British champion yet he's the one asking for too much money :lol:

Something's out of kilter with the class of 2008 and none of them will get anywhere as a result.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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