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Gavin - Heffron ?

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Looks like this fight is on according to another forum, how do you see this one going, I'll take Gavin on points, but really good fight anyway
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Haven't seen much of Heffron TBH but I'll go with Gavin because of his amateur pedigree and his alleged new found enthusiasm for life and boxing. I could be doing Heffron a massive disservice here though!
Based on performances alone, I'm gonna have to say Heffron. Frankie has continued to underwhelm me pretty much fight after fight. Unless his new found love for the sport can completely turn his career on its head, I could quite possibly see him losing this one. Cracking fight to have on the undercard.
Agreed that his performances haven't matched the level you'd expect from a world amateur champion but he has never really been pushed too hard in a fight and never been hurt. He's still undefeated and been beating these guys with an unfocused mind.

IMO the Woodhouse fight wasn't close but people were 'blinkered' by CW doing better than expected.

At risk of being a boxrec'er Heffron hasn't fought anyone of McIntyre, Woodhouse or Mutley's level let alone Gavin's!
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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