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Gavin - Heffron ?

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Looks like this fight is on according to another forum, how do you see this one going, I'll take Gavin on points, but really good fight anyway
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From a selfish standpoint I want to see the fight and think Gavin will win, don't think he will stop him but its still a bit of an odd matchup.
I'm not sure anyone will fight on July 14 apart from Haye and Chisora.
At this rate it will be Danny Williams v Joe Bugner.
Will haye v chisora fight happen!
Considering the money involved I would say yes, it has too.
Heffron's not a bad fighter, he's had a few uninspiring performances lately but there is talent to work with, I don't think he's ready for Gavin yet in all honesty.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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