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Kick off time in a half hour

You lot even get Richard Keys tonight
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Fuck me, where's a British stoppage when you need one?
Who's this ref?
That gormless ferret, you not watching?
I am.

I was the first person to comment on the ref.
As you were.
@Bryn who is that guy on your avatar? Sure I've seen him somewhere?
Jake Bugg.

Are you there mate?
He just has really good hearing.
The WBO did, didn't they?
It was King that put the kibosh on the Coyne fight.
Seen this Jody dude before, he was funny as fuck on the boxing hour too.
Meikle looks like Bernard Hopkins.
Lillis with an odd pronunciation of 'resume' there.
Missed most of that round, I'll give it to Heffron though as the maths is easier.

40-36 Heffron.
80-72 Heffron, probably find a round for McDonagh in there somewhere. I
Ronnie Heffron just couldn't get himself going.
What makes you say that?

WAR Gavin. :ibutt
I didn't say it, he did, about 12 times.

WAR Witter. :ibutt
I got the joke. -__-

November looks amazing on BN.
Wallet hates Frankie because he's a City fan. :-(
Witter takes the first 2 on my card...
1 - 20 of 110 Posts
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