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Kick off time in a half hour

You lot even get Richard Keys tonight
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Wow, this lads taking a beating, surprised the ref didn't jump in.
@Bryn who is that guy on your avatar? Sure I've seen him somewhere?
Calls from ringside to stop that last fight. A pointless beatdown
Are you there mate?
What a disgraceful mismatch, Dean Powell needs sacking.
That Payne was the WW version of Tom Dallas, a plank of wood has more movement.
Hi Guys,

Im covering this one for my fightscorecollector site........ Please stick your scores in this thread and i will add them to the site.

Will do pal.
:nono WBO matchmaker of the year.
Says something when the WBO don't even accept Coyne for Cleverly, the tangerine has lost his touch!
Beeston won't be happy, it's the first show he's been to in donkeys, great card to pick :rofl
The WBO did, didn't they?
The WBO said the fight wasn't even sanctioned by them, because Coyne wasn't in the top 15, read it on the scene.
This is turning out to be a terrible card as expected, maybe the Mcdonagh/Heffron rematch will be decent.
Yeah I'm reporting for RingNews24
Good stuff Vano, top lads over there at RN24!
:rofl that bold dude coming into Barbie Girl.

Meikle is an entertainer, but he needs to tuck that chin or he'll get sparked by anyone with half a punch.
1 - 19 of 110 Posts
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