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Get your Week 17 picks in, Team Wales!

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Bellew Decision.
You missed the word 'boring' out from between the two words of your otherwise excellent post.
Groves-Alcoba Groves wins, TKO

Let's be honest, for all the talk and having been around for quite a while now, Groves needs to start stepping up the level of opposition. He can look great against the average stuff, sure, but then so can a lot of guys who then peak before they get where they want to get. But let's be even more honest for a moment: Alcoba is well within the range of stuff that Groves has been dealing with up until now. Alcoba is 34, has already lost a couple (including being stopped once), and vastly prefers to do his fighting as close to home as possible - certainly in South America, and preferably in his mum's back garden. With his three uncles for judges. He's giving away nine years, a whisker in both height and reach, he has been hurt before, and he's in a hostile atmosphere. He won't hear the final bell.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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