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Guerrero vs Aydin + Groves vs Sierra: Live RBR Updates & Discussion

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TV Info
US tv goes live at 8pm ET on ShoExtreme / Main event is live from 10pm ET on Showtime Championship Boxing.
British fans we're on air from 1am (BST) live on BoxNation.

On the bill..

Robert Guerrero vs Selcuk Aydin - interim WBC Welterweight belt
Shawn Porter vs Alfonso Gomez - 10 rounds Light-Middleweight
Hugo Centeno Jr UD Ayi Bruce - 8 rounds Light-Middleweight - Centeno uses his height and reach to control Bruce from range and win every round comfortably.
George Groves TKO 6 Francisco Sierra - 10 rounds Super-Middleweight - Groves overcomes a bad cut, suffered by a clash of heads, to stop Sierra with an impressive knockout finish.

Any predictions?
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Great card. Really looking forward to this one.

Porter-Gomez is the tricky one for me.
Looking forward to the 3 main fights, I think Gomez beats Porter myself.
He could well do, its an interesting fight. I picked Porter in Mands thread purely in case Gomez has has the stuffing knocked out of him over the last couple of years.
The cuts OK unless the ref/ doctor panics. Looks worse than it is.
Fuck me! Great fight. The Yanks are going to love that! I wonder if it'll get a showing on the main programme?

That was some combo!
Im watching it on shobox now....
Is that the same channel as the main fights are on though, SOK? I read somewhere the undercard was being shown on another Showtime channel and then they go over to the main channel for the "big" fights? Might be wrong though!
He has power but not real power at world class in my opinion. I mean actual knock out power against guys who aren't right there getting hit with 50% of everything you throw. It took a long time for him to really hurt the guy compared with a guy like Miranda who has actual heavy hands, big difference.

It's not bad power at all but its all about the style, that's why it concerns me. George quite often fights like a guy that believes in his KO ratio rather than as a boxer puncher.
Not natural power unless he gets a good swing at it?
Yeah, think it was shobox extreme Gaz. Didn't pay too much attention to the broadcast.

maybe they'll give Groves a highlight spot if the main event finishes early?
:lol: The awkward moment when Showtime put up a list of fights that they're showing and BoxNation commentator John Rawling has to hope that they're showing some of the fights mentioned as well.
"We're not showing those 2 but we have got the other one"
Has Groves been on would check thread but I'm lazy
he's been on. Make sure you D/L the fight mate, its a cracker!
What time is this due to finish 4am or 5am?
Cheers Guys!!!

Great docu to past the time, not seen this before.
Damn I wanna be Cuban
nah, you want to be Cuban and a good athlete, you don't want to be just Cuban.;)
I'm a natural athlete you cheeky shit, got a darts players physique and everything.

Darts, pool, snooker, anything i'm just a natural.
Sorry fella, no offence meant!:lol: I'm a top class domino player myself!
Crowd behind Gomez and so am I:bbb
he's always been a game guy.
Thats it for the rest of the year for Porter.
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