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Guerrero vs Aydin + Groves vs Sierra: Live RBR Updates & Discussion

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TV Info
US tv goes live at 8pm ET on ShoExtreme / Main event is live from 10pm ET on Showtime Championship Boxing.
British fans we're on air from 1am (BST) live on BoxNation.

On the bill..

Robert Guerrero vs Selcuk Aydin - interim WBC Welterweight belt
Shawn Porter vs Alfonso Gomez - 10 rounds Light-Middleweight
Hugo Centeno Jr UD Ayi Bruce - 8 rounds Light-Middleweight - Centeno uses his height and reach to control Bruce from range and win every round comfortably.
George Groves TKO 6 Francisco Sierra - 10 rounds Super-Middleweight - Groves overcomes a bad cut, suffered by a clash of heads, to stop Sierra with an impressive knockout finish.

Any predictions?
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Great card. Really looking forward to this one.

Porter-Gomez is the tricky one for me.
Same here. It's hard to tell how much 'Fonso can bring what with his inactivity/last outing, but he's always been a very capable fighter and I've personally never been overly impressed with Porter. Despite being rather inaccurate and not really sitting down on his shots particularly often, Porter's work is often pretty flashy and voluminousness. Even if it's legitimately close I can see that really swaying the judges. Well, that as well as him being the fighter that's ''backed'', obviously.:yep

Would love to see Gomez do it though, always liked the dude.
Sierra is alright to a point, battered Don George and managed a draw with Dyah Davis. He can(or could at the time, anyways) evidently hang with the lesser prospects at 168, down to Groves now to show he's one of the better ones. Not doing too bad of a job so far, bothered Sierra quite a bit to the body in the 2nd.
Groves' left really does go on walkabouts when he throws the right hand. Always looks very much open to be countered off his last punch when he does.
Very nice finish.
That right hand after Sierra rose was NASTY man.
Im watching it on shobox now....
This is ShoBox Extreme is it not? The main broadcast has Guerrero-Aydin and Porter-Gomez I think. I believe that's what Gaz is referring to.
Centeno getting a little bit careless and/or lazy there. Beginning to back up in straight lines with his chin hanging. Needs to get back to circling and side-stepping with his jab when he isn't letting his hands go.
Henry Armstrong, Manny Pacquiao, and..............Robert Guerrero?!?!

WAR Fonso!!!

Please don't tell me showtime actually said that!
:lol: Well they didn't exactly say he was on their level or anything to be fair. It was more of a ''if he wins he'll join Henry Armstrong and Manny Pacquiao as.....'' sort of thing. It still sounds plain weird either way.
You do realise that Teeto picked Porter to knock him out pab? :lol:
Damn, didn't realise that a team had picked him.:lol: Curse you, @Bajingo.:twisted

WAR draw/Porter British-stoppage while losing then.
Teeto with his crazy ass predictions eh?:-(
There's always at least one of you dicks that picks against the dude I want to win and thus makes it an utter dilemma when it comes to supporting them.:lol:;)
Gomez has begun to look weary the last round and a half. Struggling to maintain the pace that he set early on, whereas Porter can keep it up and then some. Output is dwindling and he's walking into more and more shots.
Yeesh, that ain't pretty at all. Quality fight though, props to both of them.


Porter's got it I reckon, although I haven't really been scoring. Fonso probably got about 3/4 rounds or so.
Guerrero's not moving after throwing at the moment. If there's one thing you shouldn't give Aydin it's a stationary target. Just asking him to load up on his right hands. Earlier he was taking rounds far more comfortably when letting 2's and 3's go before then stepping around and turning Aydin, though he seems to have been lacking in composure from almost the get-go.

Still, makes it a more entertaining altercation, so no real complaints from this end.:yep
The 'ole ''make an excuse, but say it isn't an excuse right after'' from Aydin there.:yep

I wasn't really scoring but 116-112 seemed about right. Been a pretty damn good card tonight, 3 good'uns and one meh bout suits me.
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