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Haye mandatory for Wlad and Krasniqi mandatory for Cleverly?

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Anyone else seen this from the WBO? Whats the point in either of these two fights? Be very surprised if Haye Wlad happens
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I'm as convinced Haye would win a rematch against Wlad as I was that Wlad would beat Haye first time out.

I lean towards the smarter fighter MASSIVELY in rematches. Hmmmm, let me think who that is in this case. :think
It's funny when 6'7, 250 lb Wlad gets defensive it's "being smart", yet when 6'3, 220 lb Haye does it he's a chicken.

Haye and Adam Booth would correct their faults in the first fight, have better balance (with healthier toes, not joking) and approach the fight in a much better manner. Haye stops him in 5, and I'm genuinely being serious here. Just my opinions of course, but hopefully the rematch'll happen next year so we can find out.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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