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Hearns vs Floyd 147....

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Spencer Fearon just posted on Facebook"If Tommy Hearns fought Floyd Mayweather at 147lbs what would happen I want some smiles on my way home lol"

I'll copy and paste the funniest replies on here, there will be a few
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Cue the 'Vano vs Flexen' comments
Asad Hussain Ali -Floyd beats em all. Hearns, Hagler, Leaonrd, Duran and the rest. Ya cnt beat the greatest fighter ever lived after Sugar Ray Robinson!!
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Nice. Fuck Hagler being a top 2 Middleweight, Floyd beats him for sure. Despite never coming within 10lbs of fighting at the weight. Believe
I ain't going on f'n twitter tonight. I'll kick off :lol:
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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