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Hearns vs Floyd 147....

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Spencer Fearon just posted on Facebook"If Tommy Hearns fought Floyd Mayweather at 147lbs what would happen I want some smiles on my way home lol"

I'll copy and paste the funniest replies on here, there will be a few
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Noordad Aziz Floyd would have picked him apart
Imran Rahman -Only beer drinking darts fan pick brawlers over boxers. @Roe @LP
Imran Rahman - is not elusive enough. Mayweather would outpoint him. The only fighters that may have troubled him are abPrime whittakker and sugar ray Leonard.
Fabz Fabrice Djuma =like floyd said, there's no blueprint to beat him, he would of beaten anyone at 147
Asad Hussain Ali -Floyd all the way!! Hearns aint got no defence so Floyd wud break him dwn and Floyd is too acurrate won't be missin tht Chin. I dnt need to tell ya abt Floyd defense, hearns aint breakin tht shoulder roll!!
Imran Rahman -Yeah Mayweather is the type of fighter that gets koed. Ricky hatton almost koed him. Hatton could have beaten him if he rushed forward more. Face first and use wide body shots. If Hearns pressured Zmayweather he would have koed him rd 1
Jonathon ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ Loizou -I think Hearns would take Floyd apart within 6 rounds before finishing. I really dont see what Floyd can do here fighting a bigger man who has faster feet at the weight, similar hand speed at the weight and infinite times more power. I think the fight is not anything like the Leonard fight, Floyd is not a natural welterweight by any stretch of the imagination and there are no style comparisons. I dont see him being able to play it like Benitez did because Benitez was a naturally bigger guy than Floyd and more comfortable at the weight.

Asad Hussain Ali [email protected] and Jonathnan: Ya guys need to stop watchin boxing and start watchin Xfactor lol silly comments like thm will gt u a job sat next too simon cowell lool Ricky wud hav beat Floyd LMAO LooooL haha

Hearns would have tried to land bombs and get caught in the process
Asad Hussain Ali -Floyd beats em all. Hearns, Hagler, Leaonrd, Duran and the rest. Ya cnt beat the greatest fighter ever lived after Sugar Ray Robinson!!
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Imran Rahman -Floyd schools Duran.
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Fabz Fabrice Djuma -all 43 boxers Floyd boxed, they all had a plan

Tommy would fuck him up. I'm sorry, but when your best win at welterweight is over an old ass Shane Mosley, how the hell can you pick him to beat Tommy Hearns, perhaps the most fearsome welterweight of all time?

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Lucy Rens- Floyd would take hearns out he's the best ever
Floyd IS a natural welterweight though. Physically perfect at the weight when it's same day weigh in's, Napoles was smaller.
I guess its having Hearns in the opposing corner that makes him seem far from perfect at the weight!
All khan fans, only started watching boxing when khan was at the olympics.
Only ever heard of mayweather through khan always talking about him.

i love hearns, possibly one of my fave fighters, i swear all i see is hearns lining floyd up with his ram like jab and whipping that big right uppercut right under the chin,and floyds head landing in the crowd, and all floyds entourage running around ' moneys head been knocked cleeeeaaaannn off, sheeeeeettt floyd got no head man, money no head'
1 - 14 of 36 Posts
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