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Hearns vs Floyd 147....

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Spencer Fearon just posted on Facebook"If Tommy Hearns fought Floyd Mayweather at 147lbs what would happen I want some smiles on my way home lol"

I'll copy and paste the funniest replies on here, there will be a few
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I love how people think the shoulder roll is some impregnable fortress that no fighter can deal with. Hearns' height and reach effectively stops Floyd from using it. He'll need to go into his peek-a-boo shell and try and walk Hearns down, slipping shots on the way in. The problem for Floyd is that Hearns was as good an out-boxer as he was a bomber, he could just tap that jab in all night. When he chooses to, he can step in with a right hand or with a left to the body.

Floyd would have moments, probably snapping his straight right when Hearns tries to hook off the jab. But eventually, he'll get tagged hard and become overly cautious, or he'll just struggle to neutralise each new wrinkle Hearns uses.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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