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Hernandez/Ross RBR

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Britsch-Santos on now.

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oh here ya are.. I was looking on the RBR section.. lol
I've just moved it into the RBR thread. :good
Tidy.. The Sprott fight sounded interesting tonight..
Wonder if Santos will come on strong late on again..
Fuck doing proper updates for a fight noone cares about. :patsch

39-37 Britsch.
What happened in the fights on the York Hall card? Can't see a RbR for the card anywhere. I know it states only Boxnation, but what's a man to do? :conf
York Hall card is on Primetime mate..

If ya didnt know.. Free too
Another Britsch round, but these are getting closer as the fight draws on.

59-55 Britsch.

As a side note: Britsch's hair must be stuck down with some industrial strength product, it's solid.
Lol. I noticed his hair in his last fight.. It took about 8 rounds for it to move.. I think he uses lard in it so it doesn't soften up till he starts sweating.
Nah. That was a good stoppage for me. He didn't throw a punch that whole last round. He never complained either which is a tell tale sign
:yep Good call.

FYI - Britsch hair still hasn't moved even though he's took a beating at the end. :lol:
:lol: Some hair gel companies need to take a look at this.. There is an advertising opportunity here.
Really? I heard he was fine. What was with pushing the ref then?
Boxnation showin it now
The ref just saved Sprott from getting robbed anyway.
lol, more than likely..
I've just opened an obscure energy drink that has been in my bag for almost a week, I look forward to reading everyone's posts as I slowly die on the toilet tonight.
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What the....? Singing drummer bird is freaking me out.
Looks like a psychopath.. Bet shes fuckin crazy in bed,
Cracing second round.. Fuck knows why the Americans aren't interested in the cruiserweights.. Hernandez v Huck would be cracking.
1 - 20 of 155 Posts
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