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Hernandez/Ross RBR

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Britsch-Santos on now.

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Bit of a nothing first.
Britsch takes the second, happy to keep on the backfoot, using his jab and throwing in the combinations as Santos covers up.

30-18 Britsch.
Britsch is using the same tactics as the second, Santos managing to chase his man down and land his own shots. Bitsch's jab is less active than it has been. Santos with the best punch of the fight so far, a left hook, in the last minute. Santos round.

29-28 Britsch
oh here ya are.. I was looking on the RBR section.. lol
I've just moved it into the RBR thread. :good
Fuck doing proper updates for a fight noone cares about. :patsch

39-37 Britsch.
Wonder if Santos will come on strong late on again..
He'll need to if he stands a chance. As long as Britsch doesn't get his "leg cramps" again he should be OK.
49-46 Britsch, Santos not doing enough, but he landed some telling shots in that round.
Another Britsch round, but these are getting closer as the fight draws on.

59-55 Britsch.

As a side note: Britsch's hair must be stuck down with some industrial strength product, it's solid.
The Boxnation bit I really only meant with Martinez and Canelo cards. Stick anything else in here until then.
Santos gets the KD! Hard body shot! I had Santos winning that round too.

67-65 Britsch. 10-8 to Santos.
Ref jumps in, stops Britsch as he was taking a pasting and offering nothing back. Santos wins by stoppage. :bbb
Wonder if Santos will come on strong late on again..
:yep Good call.

FYI - Britsch hair still hasn't moved even though he's took a beating at the end. :lol:
Bad stoppage IMO, he was taking a lot but he took it all pretty well.
It wasn't amazing, but Britsch didn't have any problem with it and there was no return fire. OK call, I would say. Surprised he didn't give the home fighter every opportunity to stick it out though.
:lol: Some hair gel companies need to take a look at this.. There is an advertising opportunity here.
He should be the poster-boy for Brylcreem.

We get to see the Sprott fight now!
You can tell that Sprott was really up for it.
Any idea when they'll be showing Hernandez fight?
I'd estimate about 10:30, dude.
He seemed OK to continue. :conf

"Did he need to go down there? He didn't seem wobbled." :lol:
Sprott wouldn't have been of right mind, to be fair to him somewhat, he'd just taken a heavy knock down. Still no excuse though.
1 - 20 of 155 Posts
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