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How big would a Haye v Fury fight

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Imagine this being held at Old trafford and shown live on channel 5.

Sell the tickets at a competitive price & get a 50K+ live gate and aim for the biggest audience yet on channel 5

It could be massive
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It would be massive, but Haye would take him out brutally. Trouble is, no way would Haye take that fight. He (rightly) considers himself above it. I don't like Haye, but he legitimately operates at the top world title level, he's in that mix. Fury got a points decision over a very out-of-shape, undermotivated Chisora, whereas Haye flattened a well-prepared, focussed and determined Chisora in the first half of the fight. Haye's other opponents at heavyweight are mostly world level, Fury's are mostly unknown. Haye would rather not fight than reduce himself to indulging the back page fans and Fury's ego by taking that fight. I quite like Fury, like how he is coming along, but Fury going straight to Haye now would be as ridiculous and undeserved as Khan getting Mayweather next.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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