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Who do YOU think won and how clear was it?

  • Clear GGG win, he was robbed

    Votes: 18 23.1%
  • GGG win but too close to call a robbery

    Votes: 35 44.9%
  • Draw

    Votes: 11 14.1%
  • Canelo in a very close fight

    Votes: 14 17.9%
  • Canelo won it wider than the judges scored it

    Votes: 0 0.0%

How did YOU score the fight?

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Haven't seen the fight yet, will try and catch it later if I can and I'll add my thoughts.

Anyway, done the rounds on Social media this morning and I would say it's about 80/20 in favour of Golovkin, so i'm curious to see how CHB had it. So let's hear ya.
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7-5 to Golovkin, same slow start probably cost him again.
We all know Crom Dom had it to Canelo but by the looks of his posts he was that pissed he could have thought Golovkin was the ginger one
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I gave GGG
3, 5, 7-12
          Gennady Golovkin vs Saúl Álvarez* (Majority Decision)
15/09/18  WBA Super/WBC/IBO
         1       9                 10
114-114  2       9                 10
113-115  3       10                9
113-115  4       10                9
         5       10                9
         6       9                 10
         7       9                 10
         8       9                 10
         9       10                9
         10      10                9
         11      10                9
         12      10                9

                 115               113
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GGG 116-112

He was brilliant.

I could go 115-113 too,but I felt GGG weathered Canelo’s tactics well,rode it out and then outmanned him.

The 12th round decides the fight and all credit to Canelo for that.
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i was thinking maybe one round...possibly two to GGG.....but..i was hoping for a draw as i had a wee wager on it, and really thought it could have been at the end, as some very close rounds
115-113 GGG.

If it was anybody else bar Canelo I'd say too close to call robbery, but given the first fight, the drugs and Canelo being the draw he is, it's a fucking robbery.

When it was announced the two judges had it 115-113 you knew there was no way it was for Golovkin.

GGG by two. Canelo and his team knew he was behind going into the last. It was a good fight and let’s see a third Kazakhstan.
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I don't like Canelo and was desperate for GGG to win but I gave it to Canelo by a point 6-5 with a draw. Rawlings was horrendous on comms he wasn't giving Canelo any credit just repeating that he wasn't working even though Canelo was taking the centre of the ring and landing some beautiful shots and his upper body movement was exceptional.

GGG was blowing after 4 rounds and you have to imagine if they fought again in 6 months he'd struggle even more at his age.
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115-114 Golovkin - no robbery for me.

Both fights have been close & with their styles, they always will be.

Take away Adelaide Byrd's 118-110 joke scorecard & I don't think anyone across the 2 fights could honestly complain too much with the results. It's unfortunate that Golovkin has missed out on both but I don't think he did enough in either to say he was robbed
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I had GGG winning it quite comfortably on my card. As comfortably as a brutal fight can be anyway. 116-112.

They've been determined to get G out of Da USA for a while now and they finally pulled it off.

I watched the HBO feed and it was quite clear where Kellerman and co's bread is buttered. Though to be fair to Lederman he gave it to Triple G.
He should either retire or come and fight in Europe IMO, he ain't welcome over there no more.
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Best Alvarez has ever looked to be honest.
Canelo was fantastic and yet he still lost for me.
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No idea but Marc Leach looked very impressive in stopping Louis Norman
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114-114 for me could of gone either way,certainly no robbery some very,very close subjective rounds.

Golovkin targeting exclusively to the head,Canelo with some really sharp left hooks downstairs a fight well worthy of getting the interest and heated discussion before,during and after the event.
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Very different fight this time but the same scoreline, 116-112 Golovkin. I feel really worn down by this sport,
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114-114. I had Golovkin down 5-3 after eight but winning every round but the twelfth.
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