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I've thrown Benitez in there even though he isn't officially in the group.

It was a great era in which the best squared of to see who was the best guys of their era. Plenty of fights between the five champions as well as among others of the time. So how do you rank them as in most impressive victory to the least impressive:

Roberto Duran V Sugar Ray Leonard 1
Roberto Duran V Sugar Ray Leonard 2
Roberto Duran V Sugar Ray Leonard 3
Wilfred Benitez V Roberto Duran
Wilfred Benitez V Sugar Ray Leonard
Marvin Hagler V Roberto Duran
Marvin Hagler V Tommy Hearns
Marvin Hagler V Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Ray Leonard V Tommy Hearns 1
Sugar Ray Leonard V Tommy Hearns 2
Tommy Hearns V Wilfred Benitez
Tommy Hearns V Roberto Duran

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Most impressive in order

Just quickly before I go to bed, will change once we start discussing and I arrange my thoughts better but here it goes

Duran-Leonard I: Duran feints Leonard out of position in the 2nd and Ray is shook. He doesn't get back on top until Duran tires. An already veteran champion takes on a brilliant and dangerous undefeated champion.
Leonard-Hearns I: Need I say more.
Leonard-Hagler: Despite the fight could've went either way and Hagler wing past his best, circumstance elevates a frustrating performance from Leonard.
Leonard-Benitez: IMO a clear victory for Leonard despite the iffy stoppage. A great showing.
Hearns-Duran: Devastating K.O over one of the toughest men in boxing history.
Hagler-Hearns: Took the punchers best shot. Battered him.
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