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How do you rate Jackie Blackburn as a fighter.

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Better nown for training Joe Louis, Blackburn was a quality fighter himself, he holds a newspaper win over Joe Gans and has 3 draws and a NC from 5 bouts with Langford. He also fought Greb and Jack O Brien and gave good showings but ultimately he wasn't quite on there level.

From what I've read, people have said he was good enough to win a world title if he hadn't killed someone and got himself done for man-slaughter as he was hitting his peak.
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He was superb but arguably gets a little overated by a hardcore these days. He wasn't a great finisher which handicapped him a a bit (and is ironic when you think about how schooled Louis ended up being in this regard) and is more than likley the reason he couldn't get over the top against these fighters. But he was a sick fuck and tough as nails. Consider that he was never KO'd before his jail term.

He may indeed have been in the title mix post-Gans, but Nelson, Ritchie and Wolgast were no joke.
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